Arctic, what Arctic?

I eventually succeeded in walking 10,000 steps today, but it took a lot of exploration of deck 3 and the apparent dead-end fjords of the bow sections of decks 5 and 6.

There were more force 10 gales (allegedly more than force 12, at 41m/s, but the internet is so slow that I can’t bear to look it up) overnight, but forewarned we had already stuffed the fridge and removed everything from open shelves. We both lay awake as the ship heaved in all directions, but we must have fallen asleep because we had docked in Trondheim by the time we woke up on Day 11. Miraculously there was neither rain nor wind in the city (only grey grit and a few dirty piles of old snow) so we had a brisk, confident, walk to confirm that Trondheim is still our favourite town of the trip. And today I have achieved 11,000 steps before (actually instead of) breakfast. Today has very much the feel of a last day, and now I have to go to a briefing on how we disembark tomorrow.

It will be good to get back to places where one can both buy a Guardian and download it in less than a day! And post to a blog in less than an hour.

Finished my sixth book, Out Stealing Horses by Per Petterson. This enjoyable book is also by a Norwegian and is a little dark, but otherwise a nice bildungsroman (a word whose meaning I have only just learned).


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